S&P/ASX 200 Live Chart | Australian Stock Index

S&P/ASX 200 is the major index of the Australian Stock Exchange. The live chart of the Australian stock index has been given below in which you can also perform advanced charting options and you can also apply technical indicators for its detailed analysis.

Here is the real-time S&P ASX 200 live Chart :

The entire Australian stock market is considered bullish when the ASX 200 makes up moves and when the ASX 200 makes down moves, the overall sentiment of the Australian stock market is considered bearish.

    Australian Stock Market

    ASX 200 chart | Australian stock market

    Australian Stock Market is one of the most capitalised and well developed Stock Market in the world. The  Market capitalisation of the Australian stock market is around A$1.9 trillion. The headquarters of the Australian stock market is situated in Sydney.

    There are thousands of quality companies in the Australian Stock Market in which you can invest. The list and the major overview of the major companies of the Australian stock market are given below.

    These companies are sorted in terms of Market capitalisation.

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    Australian Stock Exchange | S&P/ASX 200 Index

    Australian Stock Exchange is now known as the Australian Securities Exchange(ASX). It is situated in Sydney, therefore it can also be called the Sydney Stock Exchange.

    The valuation or market capitalisation of the stock exchange of Australia is close to A$ 2 trillion and the daily average turnover of the ASX is close to A$ 4.7 billion.

    There are so many indices of the Australian Stock Exchange like ASX 20, ASX 50, ASX 100, ASX 200, ASX 300 and ALL ORDS. But ASX 200 is the major stock index of the Australian Stock Exchange.
    The Australian Stock Exchange(ASX) is one of the top 5 world's leading Stock Exchanges. You can trade various financial securities like stocks, bonds, ETFs, currencies, Futures, Options etc. with the help this exhange.

    All the trading activities of the Australian Stock Market are done in the regulation and the supervision of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The listing rules of a company in ASX are also given by the ASIC.

    Composition of ASX 200 Index

    ASX 200 is comprised of 200 high capitalised companies of the stock exchange of Australia. The maintenance of this Index is done by Standard and Poor's. This index is the ultimate benchmark for the Australian Stock Exchange.

    The list of the major companies of ASX 200 is given below: 

    ASX Trading Timings

    Like all the other stock exchanges of the world, ASX also remains open on the weekdays i.e. Monday to Friday. ASX is closed on the Weekends i.e Saturday and Sunday and on the major national holidays.

    The normal trading hours of the ASX are:
    Normal Trading hours : 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    The timings of the various sessions of the ASX is given below: 

    Pre-opening Phase   : 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    Opening Phase         : 10:00 AM - 10:10 AM
    Pre-CSPA                 : 4:00 PM - 4:10 PM  
    Closing Single Price: 4:10 PM - 4:12 PM

    Overnight Trading   : 4:12 PM - 4:42 PM
    Overnight Trading   : 4:42 PM - 6:50 PM
    Purge Orders            : 6:50 PM - 6:59 PM

    S&P/ASX 200 Index Future prediction

    As far as the monthly chart of the ASX 200 is concerned, the ASX 200 index is looking bullish because it is making higher highs and the higher lows. The index made all-time highs in the month of February 2020.
    asx 200 chart

    The ASX 200 is taking its support from the bullish trendline but it got resistance at the levels of 7000. There was a strong resistance zone on the 7070 levels, therefore it fell down here and it fell also due to the global fear of Coronavirus.

    asx 200 chart analysis

    On the monthly chart, it has made the bearish engulfing candle at the resistance level, so the market  may fall in the upcoming months. 

    If we look at its daily charts, it is making strong bearish candles due to the global fear of Coronavirus. So it is unlikely that ASX 200 will show up moves until the fear of Coronavirus vandalises.

    NOTE: This information was there for only educational purposes. We are not liable to any losses made by you following our analysis on the ASX 200 Index.

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