United Kingdom UK Stock Market

Uk Stock Market

The Stock Market of United Kindom is the oldest Stock Market in the history of the World. Since the development of technology was very advanced in the UK, the stock market has also developed very early there.

FTSE all share prices

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Uk Stock Index

All the trading in UK Stock Market is taken place via London Stock Exchange. The Index of this stock exchange is FTSE. It is one of the major stock indices of the world along with Dow Jones, Nasdaq and many more.


FTSE all-share index and FTSE 100 Live chart

Financial Times Stock Exchange(FTSE 100) is composed of 100 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange. It is the most liquid Stock index in the world. Huge volumes of FTSE 100 is traded on London Stock Exchange daily. Its Live Chart is given below where you can see its trend.

FTSE 100 Share price