US Stock Market


dow jones live chart

US Stock Market is the largest Stock market in the World. Since the US economy is the largest economy in the world, therefore the capitalisation of the US Stock Market is also the largest in the world. The total valuation of the US Stock Market is around $30 trillion.

US Stock Exchange

There are majorly two stock exchanges in USA i.e. New York Stock Exchange(NYSE) and NASDAQ. Both of these exchanges are situated in New York. These two Exchanges are the world's biggest Stock Exchange.


US Stock Index

There are majorly three stock indices in the US i.e. Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500.  The ETF of these indices are the most liquid ETFs and their futures are also very liquid to trade. The indices of the US affects the stock indices of each and every country in the world.

 Dow Jones Live Chart and Dow Jones stock Index

Dow Jones Industrial Average(DJIA) is also known as Dow Jones. This index is composed of 30 world's largest companies of  New York stock exchange.  It is the oldest stock index in the history of stock markets. Its technical chart is given below where you can find its latest trend.


NASDAQ Stock Index and NASDAQ Live Chart 

 The Nasdaq Composite Index is also known as NASDAQ. It is the major index of Nasdaq Stock Exchange. There is a total of 3000 companies listed on Nasdaq Stock exchange. Its technical chart is given below where you can look at its historical prices.



S&P 500 Stock Index and S&P 500 Live chart

The Standard & Poor's Index is also known as the S&P 500 index. This index is comprised of top 500 companies in the US. This is one of the most important indexes of the US Stock Market. Its live chart is given below where you can look at its trend with the help of indicators.