Veros credit Overview

Veros Credit is one of the emerging & leading top class Auto Financing provider in the United States of America. They have a very vast network of franchises and they also have numerous independent automobile dealers.

veros credit

As far as the specialisation of Veros Credit is concerned, they have mastery in servicing of motor vehicle retail instalment contracts. They also have a speciality in the acquisition of motor vehicle retail instalment contracts. 

    Veros Credit General Business Details

    Veros credit auto financing details

    Veros Credit has an extensive number of dealers and customers across the united states. It is important to know the details of this company for a large number of prospects. The various details of this company have been given below:

     Company type
     Financial Sector
     Auto Financing & Asset Management
     Sub Industry
     Commercial Finance
     Mid 2010
     Entity Type
     Limited Liability Company (LLC)
     2333 N Broadway Ste 440, Santa Ana, CA (USA)
     250 - 600 Number of employees
     Accredited since
     President & CEO
     Mr Cyrus K Bozorgi
     Vice President
     Mr Robert Tennant
     Contact Numbers
     (714) 918-1800 
     (714) 415-6101 
     (714) 415-6137 
     (714) 415-6185
     Fax Numbers
     (714) 918-1808
     Business Hours
      7 AM to 6 PM PST (Monday - Friday)
      8 AM to 12 PM PST (Saturday)
     Customer Service Number
      (888) 891-8807
     Whatsapp Number
      (888) 891-8807
     Veros Credit Logo
    Veros Credit Logo
    Veros Credit also provides credits to Business enterprises for short terms. This company has got a lot of popularity in the Auto Financing sector since the last few years.

    Veros Credit Login

    Veros credit provides seamless online services with their websites. There are different login pages for the customers, dealers and for making payments. You have to first register yourself on the official website of Veros credit whose link has been given on the above table.

    The various links of the pages have been given below where you can log in the website of Veros credit as a dealer, customer or make payments.

    Veros credit customer login

    The link of the customer portal login of Veros credit has been given below where a customer can access all his details and he can ask any query. He can also check his previous statements. 

    veros credit customer login

    Veros credit Dealer login & Sign up

    The link of the Dealer sign up of Veros credit has been given below where any dealer can sign up and after a few minutes, one of the specialists of veros credit personally contact him. 

    After signing up successfully, a dealer can get all the services of veros credit online. You can also sign up by calling at this number 1-888-944-6440.

    Veros credit dealer login

    Veros credit Payment

    The link of the page has been given below where you can make payments to the Veros credit. There are various flexible methods available which you can use to pay. All the payment methods are safe and secure.

    veros credit payment

    Top Members & Leaders

    Veros Credit has a very experienced, highly educated and ultra-professional team. Their team is always open to new opportunities for growth.

    Veros credit top leaders

    They deal with their customers and dealers in a proper manner and a friendly way. They provide a very strong support system for their customers.  

    The list of the top members or leaders of Veros Credit has been given below: 
     Bijan Bozorgi
     President and Chief Executive Officer
     Cyrus Bozorgi
     Chief Operating Officer
     Harvey Singh
     Chief Legal Officer
     Robert Tennant
     Executive Vice President, Administration
     Stephanie Bozorgi
     Executive Vice President, Loan Originations
     Kamy Bozorgi
     Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
     Vic Amin
     Senior Vice President, Technology
     Senior Vice President, Risk Management
     Greg Poppe
     Senior Vice President, Loan Servicing
     Timo Saarela
     Senior Vice President, Finance
     Stephen Tomasula
     Vice President, Funding
     Marcie Alvarado
     Vice President, Underwriting
     Amir Shahidi

    Full Review of Veros Credit

    Veros Credit provides a world-class service to its customers. They provide a phenomenal automotive credit service to all the applicants. They have very simple and easy to understand rules & regulations.

    The primary objective of Veros Credit is to provide auto financing solutions in the best possible way and to build trust with the dealers and the customers. They are totally committed to doing business with integrity with its dealers and customers.

    Veros credit full review

    They try to develop long term partnerships with their dealers and customers and they help their customers to successfully buy vehicles with the lowest possible interest rates. 

    Veros credit payment

    They have numerous reliable payment methods. You can pay them online through debit card, credit card, Moneygram, pay by phone, pay by mail, PayNearMe etc. 

    If you pay before 4 PM PST on Monday - Friday, the payments are reflected in your account on the same day, but if you pay after 4 PM PST, the payments are reflected on the following business day.

    The autopay payment system is also available here which help you to automatically pay the instalments on every period. After the payment, monthly statements are automatically sent to them via emails. 

    Insurance requirements

    Customers have to maintain comprehensive and collision insurance covering loss or vandalism to the vehicle with a maximum of $1,000.00. for the term of your contract.

    You can give the address of P.O. Box 421669 Atlanta, GA 30342 at your insurance company to register your vehicle with Veros credit.

    For sending insurance declaration page, you can mail at "[email protected]" or fax it to 1-866-566-3336.

    Good support if your vehicle is seized or in accident

    Veros credit provides good support if your vehicle is seized or impounded. In case of an accident, they will assist you with the help of your insurance company. 

    If there is the accident of your vehicle or your vehicle has been seized or impounded, you should contact the customer support service of Veros credit. They take action as soon as possible after your complaint.

    Customer Services of Veros credit 

    They have very reliable customer services which provide very fast action on your queries related to credit policies, technical issues, failed transactions, vehicle accident, vehicle impoundment etc. The staff of Veros credit deals the problems of the customers in a very simple way. 

    Dealing with Dealers

    Veros credit provides those attractive and flexible programmes which help their dealers to sell more cars and to generate more revenue. They provide unparalleled services and support to their dealers. 

    They provide those programmes which satisfy the needs of dealers and their customers at the same time. They offer flexible financing options and competitive callbacks. They provide fast and seamless funding to their dealers.

    veros credit santa ana

    Funds for Dealers

    As a dealer, you have to send them Validated Registration (VR) slip for the payment issues. Once your VR has been submitted, you are eligible to receive funds by the Veros credit without any delays. If there is any delay in the payments, you can call at their support number.

    Funding notices are sent to you time to time when funds are about to be released by Veros credit. After receiving the funding notice,  funds are generally received in your account within 48 business hours.


    Veros Credit actively participates in various charitable events across the United States of America. They also love to promote philanthropic activities. They have participated in RMHC, CHOC Children's, Autism Speaks, American Red Cross and many more welfare organisations like this.


    Veros Credit is a trusted and advanced auto financing providing company. They are providing financial services for Vehicle since so many years. They are trying to innovate the methods of auto financing. 

    They have very fine customer support which ensures every query of a customer and a dealer being solved fastly. So it is advised to take the auto financial services of Veros Credit.

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